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While the cloud enables innovation and technological capacities companies couldn’t have dreamed of a decade ago, those technologies are not magic boxes that run themselves. The process of building and managing cloud technologies must be governed and processes assessed to ensure operational, cost, and security objectives are met.

Furthermore, even companies that use identical technologies may be using the technologies in very divergent ways. Therefore, the notion that tools are coming to “ensure” or “prove” security seem unlikely.

For these reasons, we teach cloud auditing from first principles, starting with an understanding of the capabilities and threats that are relevant to cloud environments. Using these principles as the foundation for our exploration, we help our GRC professionals gain hands-on, technical skills with the services used by engineering teams, culminating in the ability for our students to build their own automations to meet on-going or newly identified compliance obligations.

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Wesley Ladd,
Founder & CEO

Wes has experience helping some of the largest and most heavily regulated organizations – including Fortune 100 Banking, Energy, and Healthcare clients. Wes has served in a variety of capacities, from Internal Auditor to Penetration Tester to Cloud Security Architect. Through these experiences, Wes gained a diverse array of skills and a passion for teaching.

Zach Ladd,
Founder & Executive Producer

Zach has award-winning videography and editing production experience – including creating, filming, and editing intros and commercials for daily news broadcast, serving in every major production capacity for the broadcast (i.e. producer, director, audio engineer, camera operator, broadcaster), and working on numerous projects and story features.